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"For me, and, I am sure, for most of you, to be human is to always be in the process of becoming, to be in quest of openings, of possibilities." ~ Maxine Greene

Monday, October 22, 2012

Greetings!  I plan to post a lot of information about this great company, Herbalife!  

In late September, I was following an opportunity online to make some additional income, and stumbled right into becoming an Herbalife Distributor.  I was not expecting to find such a terrific opportunity, NOR was I expecting to fall in love with the products!  But I have.  I SO LOVE everything I have tried so far, that I want to provide the products to others for a long time to come.

Soooo, What's so great about the products?  In just a few weeks:

  • My energy levels have gone from "dull" to "ALIVE".
  • Cravings for sweet and salty foods, and caffeine have greatly diminished.
  • My afternoon "slumps" have disappeared 
  • I am sleeping more soundly
  • I am more mentally energized about working out! 
  • My Seasonal Affective Disorder VANISHED
And all I am doing is drinking one shake for breakfast, another for lunch or dinner, and eating one colorful and satisfying meal each day. 

I also:
  • take supplements to help with maintaining balanced energy levels and getting a steady dose of valuable vitamins and minerals
  • drink plenty of water (hot and cool) throughout the day
  • enjoy a range of Herbalife or whole-food snacks between meals.  

THIS HAS NOT BEEN A DIFFICULT SHIFT IN EATING HABITS, surprisingly enough! ... and I am actually SAVING MONEY by not stopping for espresso drinks or buying food on-the-go.

All of the benefits from this simple shift of drinking Herbalife shakes have come as a complete surprise to me; I am also losing inches around my body, and slowly losing stubborn pounds of unwanted weight!  So, the benefits are TOTAL health: inside and out -- physical, mental, and emotional!  And I want to share these products and experiences with anyone who's interested.

For the official Herbalife website, click here: Herbalife Products.

You have absolutely nothing to lose, except ... well, except for what you WANT to lose!  You have much more to gain.  :-)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Starting Up Again!

Here I am with two favorite "Buds," Joan (left) and Liz (middle) ~ This photo was taken on October 7, 2012, at Chinook's Restaurant in Seattle (great atmosphere and food!), where we were celebrating a long-overdue birthday (for me)!  Prior to this, we played mini-golf at the Interbay Golf Center  with a few other friends, as well.  We all started out very supportive of one another's attempts to hit the ball into the hole, but after about 5 holes the competitive edge started mounting.  You can really see the stronger aspects of someone's personality come out when he or she is faced with public humiliation!

Anyway, there's a lot going on these days with me, and I hope to use my blog as a means to process and reflect upon it, and share with family and friends.  Post a comment any time!  
~ Peace ...