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"For me, and, I am sure, for most of you, to be human is to always be in the process of becoming, to be in quest of openings, of possibilities." ~ Maxine Greene

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Evolving Toward 2012

So, this post moves a little bit to the side of my usual chit-chats about birds on the beach, and walking barefoot in the sand.  I want to share the following information about thousands of people around the planet who are joining together to take our planet through its next quantum jump in evolution -- through its current crises of over-population, pollution, political corruption, ethnic cleansing, religious persecution, and educational degradation, to a New World that is sustainable and that is cared for by every human being.  If you are willing to get ready with me, and thousands of others around the planet, the time is NOW to pay attention to what is going on in the world at large, in our country, in our neighborhoods, and within our own minds and bodies.

It's time to build a new planet based on love, compassion, and self-empowerment.

There is SO MUCH I could share about what is going on about this evolutionary time, but the gist of it is this: the world cannot continue as it is.  Current approaches to govern ourselves and care for the planet are failing en masse.  A NEW PARADIGM is needed.  And people who think outside-the-box are also needed to carry the vision forward.

Undoubtedly, you have heard some news about the year 2012 -- December 21, 2012, to be exact.  That is one date that many anthropologists, scientists, and visionaries the world over have agreed is a date of significance.  Unlike some people who think that date signals the end of the world, I have aligned myself with people who believe it will signify the birthing of a new era of the human species--one that focuses on cooperation instead of competition, and on love instead of war.

To be a part of this movement, it is absolutely essential that people cleanse themselves of whatever mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual baggage that could (and will) sabotage their efforts to grow this new world.  It's time to turn off the TV and the yucky news, and instead nourish ourselves with uplifting music, books, movies, and conversation.  It's time to eat healthy and organic food that our cells know how to use.  It's time to get up and outside to breathe fresh air and take care of our bodies so they are as fit as can be.  It's time to pay attention to how we nurture ourselves spiritually, and learn mindfulness awareness practices so that we can be more often "present" with each moment as it unfolds.  It's time to create rituals that honor children, our elders, and the plants and animals, and do random acts of kindness for ourselves, our family members, and strangers on the street.  It is also a time when we urgently need to be more INTENTIONAL about our actions, and understand that every single action we do, and every single thought we entertain, makes an imprint in our minds and actually impacts others and the planet in microscopic ways.  There is scientific proof of this phenomenon, which I will share in the days to come.

If this vision of creating a new world resonates with you, I encourage you to go to this website for a slideshow from the Shift Network, which is a network of visionaries, educators, scientists, healers, entrepreneurs, entertainers ... THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE from all walks of life ... who are coming together to create a new planet.

I'M SERIOUS!  If we don't do something, someone else undoubtedly will.


Hey, Gladys, check out that chick taking a picture of us!

Black Brant Geese

For the past few weeks, the weather in Seattle has grown a bit sunnier and warmer!  We are now up to the mid-50s on most days, with "sun breaks"!  (Hey, I'll take ANYTHING after the 15 straight days of rain we just had.)
I have been going down to the beach and walking in the sand as much as I can -- No change in the left knee, for those of you following my "grounding" experiment to have the pain go away, but the experience has been enjoyable nonetheless.  
For one thing, I get to see the constant change in array of birds who visit the shoreline.  This is a photo (from the web) of a Black Brant Goose.  There are about 3 dozen of them hanging out right at the shoreline, dipping down for seaweed and goodness-knows-what-else gets kicked up by the small waves.  They chortle a bit, and sound like Canadian Geese in a more muffled kind of way.  None of that loud honking.  These birds tend to come through this part of the planet on their way north.  I am hoping they will nest here, and have little babies to watch, but I think they will be leaving soon.

It's such a wonder to me, how birds migrate over thousands of miles to find their various resting and nesting places.  This troupe of birds has been a treat to watch.  I sat and watched them chortle around for about 20 minutes today, with my toes in the sand and a latté in my hand.  It doesn't get any better than that.