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"For me, and, I am sure, for most of you, to be human is to always be in the process of becoming, to be in quest of openings, of possibilities." ~ Maxine Greene

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Okay, so HERE’S more amazing stuff!

The photo here (see credit below) shows both irregularly-shaped blood cells (on the left), and healthy blood cells (on the right).

Irregularly-shaped blood cells, according to this website and many others I have researched, could be “an indication of some unhealthy condition or disease,” such as dangerously-high cholesterol, the "presence of yeast cells [not a good thing to be in your blood], or an iron deficiency” … and so forth. In this particular picture on the left, the crystals that look like “elongated triangles” (I see two in the middle) are “solidified uric acid.” The author states, “One way our body protects us from acid is to solidify it. If left go for very long, these uric acid crystals would find their way to the joints and cause pain [i.e. arthritis].”

So, you can see why I am interested in this little earthing experiment! Even though I do not have access to a blood test to see the shape of my blood cells at the moment, I believe that I will be able to tell whether or not the inflammation in my left knee is alleviated after a few days or weeks of walking barefoot. I also have very high cholesterol, for some reason, so I am interested if a blood test in a few weeks will yield low numbers in that category. We’ll see!

Of course, just walking barefoot does no good if your body is acidic. You have to eat more vegetables and fruits, drink good water, and cut back on caffeine, fatty and fried foods, and processed foods. Bummer! But all of those things tax one’s liver and other cleansing organs. So, the whole thing works together: healthier eating and more hydration leads to a less acidic body, and using the earth’s energy also helps to replenish the cells, turning them from crooked, misshapen little things into beautiful and happy shapes that carry LIFE. That’s where I am headed.

If you want to see more, go to this link, and watch David Wolfe explaining the process again. There are several videos worth watching! (They are only 7-10 minutes each.)


(Photo from http://alkalinewaterplus.info/blog/2010/01/12/ionized-water-blood-cells-demo-videos)

My Earthing Experiment Continues

Happy New Year!

Today, and yesterday, I got up the nerve to walk barefoot on the beach again; it has been one week since my toe-stubbing incident, and my toes are still a bit black and blue! But I wanted to start up my little experiment again, to see if this “grounding” thing (or “earthing”) actually reduces inflammation in my knees.

Of course, I could walk barefoot anywhere, but there is something about being on the sand that makes this rather bizarre behavior more palatable. The weather was chilly again (30-40 degrees Fahrenheit), so it did take a bit of me getting up my nerve; I tried to talk myself out of it several times just before driving down the hill. But then, I realized that there have been many people throughout history who have certainly done crazier things than walk barefoot for 10 minutes on a cold beach. “Get on with it!” I finally told myself as I got out of the car. “And quit fussing so much about what others might think of you in your winter coat, gloves, wool hat, two layers of fleece, fleece pants, and bare feet!”

(I have recently started talking to myself like this, since turning 50 last September.  It feels good.)

And you know what? It wasn’t hard at all, once I just took off my shoes and socks and stood on the sand. It actually felt really good, and I found that if I stood in the same spot for a few minutes, my feet actually warmed up the sand below a bit. Both days I walked in the late afternoon at Alki Beach, under the gray clouds. But some spaces of blue sky were visible, and the street lamps were turning on, one by one. For me, this is a magical time of evening … “the gloaming,” as it’s called in Scotland; it’s that time of day just before the sun sets, when colors take on a rich golden hue.  The photo above looks a little like today's walk.  (I borrowed the photo from http://davidlansing.com/?cat=147.)

Anyway, the jury is still out about how this “earthing” will help my knee. But I do believe it felt a bit better today--not quite so tight and cranky!  If I keep this up (along with the bicycling at the gym), I may finally be able to ski in March when I go to Colorado.  Yahoo! Skiing is my absolutest FAVORITE thing to do. I laugh myself silly when I fly down the slopes. It is the most freeing sensation, with the wind and the wide open sky and the soft snow beneath. Sheer heaven.

As I hold the image and feeling of joy about skiing in my heart, I also am grateful for the opportunity of walking on a beach and seeing the changes in the weather and the water every few days. Yesterday, the water was so calm, and just the slightest movement of goldeneye ducks floating around sent ripples outward from their small bodies, which lasted a long time. Little waves curled into the shore from the ferry boats, passing each other on their rounds to Bainbridge Island and Bremerton. Today, there was much more wind, and the water was choppy and black. The ferries still skimmed effortlessly across the surface, their rumbling motors reverberating across the surface of the water. The ducks were nowhere to be seen.

I will continue to post what happens with this little experiment. It would be the grandest thing in the world if the pain in my left knee actually stopped. I also hope that, through my sharing of this incredible earth-giving energetic experience, you will also be inspired to walk on the earth—“skin to skin”—and feel some benefit!