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Sunday, January 9, 2011

How Earthing Can Save Your Life

The photo here (see credit below) shows both irregularly-shaped blood cells (on the left), and healthy blood cells (on the right).

Irregularly-shaped blood cells, according to this website and many others I have researched, could be “an indication of some unhealthy condition or disease,” such as dangerously-high cholesterol, the "presence of yeast cells [not a good thing to be in your blood], or an iron deficiency” … and so forth. In this particular picture on the left, the crystals that look like “elongated triangles” (I see two in the middle) are “solidified uric acid.” The author states, “One way our body protects us from acid is to solidify it. If left go for very long, these uric acid crystals would find their way to the joints and cause pain [i.e. arthritis].”

Of course, just walking barefoot does no good if your body is acidic. You have to eat more vegetables and fruits, drink good water, and cut back on caffeine, fatty and fried foods, and processed foods ~~ you know, the things that tax the liver and other cleansing organs. So, the whole thing works together: healthier eating and more hydration leads to a less acidic body.  And using the earth’s energy also helps to replenish the cells, turning them from crooked, misshapen little things into beautiful and happy shapes that carry LIFE. That’s where I am headed.

(Photo from http://alkalinewaterplus.info/blog/2010/01/12/ionized-water-blood-cells-demo-videos)